This deck is incomplete. It is not listed in the decks section and does not count towards the total decks count. A complete WoW deck contains between 61 and 70 cards, and includes a hero card.

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Main Deck - 61 cards, 18 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Weapon (14)
3 Black Amnesty Weapon - Dagger    Drums of War
3 Blackout Truncheon Instant Weapon - Mace      Fields of Honor
4 Cold Forged Hammer Weapon - Mace     Drums of War
4 Retainer's Blade Weapon - Dagger    Hunt for Illidan
Armor (6)
3 Edgemaster's Handguards Armor - Mail      Heroes of Azeroth
3 Quickstrider Moccasins Armor - Mail    Blood of Gladiators
Ally (3)
3 Rak Skyfury Ally - Orc Shaman Heroes of Azeroth
Ability (23)
4 Elemental Weapons Ability - Enhancement Talent   Fields of Honor
3 Grounding Totem Ability - Enhancement   Drums of War
4 Lightning Arc Ability - Elemental   Hunt for Illidan
4 Rockbiter Weapon Instant Ability - Enhancement   Heroes of Azeroth
4 Shamanistic Dual Wield Instant Ability - Enhancement Talent   Servants of The Betrayer
4 Stormstrike Instant Ability - Enhancement Talent   Through the Dark Portal
Quest (12)
4 Akama's Promise Quest Hunt for Illidan
3 Bane of the Illidari Quest Hunt for Illidan
3 Call to Arms: Arathi Basin Quest - Battleground Fields of Honor
2 Orders from Lady Vashj Quest Servants of The Betrayer
Location (3)
3 Eye of the Storm Location - Battleground Fields of Honor
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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