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I haven't been able to spend much time on trading recently, and my tradelist is a little out of date right now. If I can get around to a trade, I might take some time to respond to a request, and I apologize for that. Hopefully I'll become less busy soon and get back into this full force!

I play pretty much exclusively casual EDH, so I'm usually down to trade for anything. If you see something you'd like on my tradelist, let me know! If it's a pricier card, I'm willing to dip into my inventory as well. Even if you don't have anything on my wishlist, we can probably work something out. I'm willing to trade down my higher-valued cards, but please add some value to make it worthwhile (i.e. not 20 $1 cards for a single $20 one). I will always try to do the same for everyone else.

A few of my older cards are not quite NM, but since this site defaults to that quality, there are a few that slipped by when I added them into my inventory. If you'd like to trade for one of these, I'll let you know beforehand and we can adjust the card's value if you'd still like to trade. On the other hand, I'm not picky about the condition of the cards I receive.
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