Re: Missing printings, card numbers, editions for specific cards

I believe we are still missing Strixhaven art series?


Re: Missing printings, card numbers, editions for specific cards

Ferroxen wrote:

Dont know if this is the correct place to post this, but I noticed the wrong rarity on two cards in the new commander 2021 set.

Sanguine blood is currently registred as Uncommon, when it's supposed to be Rare. … mp;lang=us

Greed is currently registred as Rare, when it's supposed to be uncommon. … mp;lang=us

Thanks for the amazing work you do on this site!

Fixed, thank you!

Re: Missing printings, card numbers, editions for specific cards

The most recent judge foils (Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Karlov of the Ghost Council) are missing.

Re: Missing printings, card numbers, editions for specific cards

It would be fantastic if we could have some more delineation for the mystical archive printers from STX.  Currently there are the following main variations that are identified on Scryfall (not including different languages beyond japanese):

- Normal Mystical Archive Printings (English)

- Foil Normal Mystical Archive Printings (English)

- Foil Etched Normal Mystical Archive (English) - only available in collector boosters - Foil etching is subtle but its there as highlights on the top frame and textbox frame.

- Foil Etched Japanese Mystical Archive - Only available in collector booster - Again foil etching is subtle but printed around the textbox.  This is the ONLY Japanese printing available in ENGLISH collector boosters as NON-FOIL

- Foil Japanese Mystical Archive - Again only available in collector boosters, and even then are not in every pack. These are non-foil etched Japanese Mystical archive treatments that have had the normal foiling process.

Currently, Deckbox can easily account for the normal foils and the database has been updated to include the JP Mystical Archive treatments.  However, there is no way to account for foil etched versions of these cards. 

Can the versions dropdown (that currently has the selections for foils, alters, etc.) be updated to include foil-etched as a selection?


Re: Missing printings, card numbers, editions for specific cards

Hello! There are double-sided MH2 tokens that come in pre-release packs. Not sure I knew those existed.
Here's what I've encountered so far (same five in two kits):
001 Bird // 021 Treasure
002 Crab // 018 Food
003 Phyrexian Germ // 011 Squirrel
007 Zombie Army // 019 Thopter
009 Beast // 015 Clue

Also, here are other items still missing from a previous post:

Solseek wrote:

- Strixhaven Art Series cards are missing
- DFC Helper Cards from Kaldheim & Strixhaven are missing (

Other Solutions Requested:
- a Foil Etched tag (to properly flag Strixhaven Mystical Archive cards)
- Could the Unstable cards with varying artwork all have "(a)" type modifiers after their names? Currently some do (e.g. Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Very Cryptic Command, Sly Spy, Garbage Elemental, Ineffable Blessing, & Everythingamajig) but others do not (e.g. Amateur Auteur, Novellamental, Extremely Slow Zombie, Target Minotaur, Beast in Show, & Secret Base)
- Similarly, could Brothers Yamazaki from Champions of Kamigawa have (a) and (b) in their names?
- Could the tildes ("~") used for Surgeon ~General~ Commander be replaced with minus signs (e.g. Surgeon -General- Commander)? The tilde messes up some searches because it is a special character.
- There are six versions of Tamiyo's Journal from Shadows over Innistrad (, and there is currently no way to differentiate them

Thank you!

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