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I'm a playset collector on the never ending quest to collect 4 copies of every card from every expansion set and core set.  I've been a collector/player since 93 when I started in Revised.  Condition matters to me, so please be sure that cards with defects are noted when trading and that conditions are as advertised in your tradelist.  I am looking for the specific edition/set/version 9 times out of 10.  Though sometimes I'm looking for oddball pieces for an EDH deck and don't care.  When that's the case my Wishlist will not have the edition specified.

My inventory was entered with NM pretty much for everything due to the amount of cards I own and because I was not originally considering trading online.  I have always taken very good care of my cards as I fancy myself a collector first so many actually are in NM.  With that said, I will still verify conditions on all trades before finalizing and bring to your attention any cards that I feel are not in NM condition.  I am happy to send pictures of specific cards, especially if they're valuable.

Overall, I'm a very reasonable trader and willing to work with you.  Please reach out and let's make a deal!

I have tens of thousands of commons all the way back to Revised worth less than 75 cents not listed in my inventory or tradelist that are available for trade.  All uncommons and better that are available for trade have been entered.  If you have commons in particular that you're looking for let me know.  My entire collection is very well organized and I can find things in very short order.

I will ship via toploader and PWE for transactions under $25 if the quantity of cards allows it and am fine if you do the same.  If you prefer tracking, then I would ask for tracking also or a bump in the trade value to cover the additional postage cost.

ALWAYS LOOKING For This Stuff That Probably isn't in your tradelist
- Kezzerdrix
- Vizzerdrix (any printing)
- Lorwyn Swamp (291), Island (287)
- Rebecca Guay basics from Commander 2016/2017: Plains (337/295), Island (340/298), Swamp (343/301), Mountain (346/304), Forest (349/307)
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