Topic: Best Buy for High Value

Is anybody willing to share how they buy their cards?
I'm not in this to "make" money - just collect - but, it would be great to pay for it with what I buy and what I have left to sell/trade.
I always end up lopsided on my Set Booster boxes.  I tried a couple of collector boxes and really got screwed on those.
What does everybody on here do to buy up trade stock?  If you're willing to give out your secrets that is..... :-)

Re: Best Buy for High Value

I don't buy trade stock.  I just trade extras that I have from playing in events or that I've picked up over the years.  Over time the decks that I want to play change, and I just trade off of that.  I used to buy lots on Ebay that had some cards that I wanted for sets and then I would trade or sell the rest.  I haven't done that in a long time though, so I don't know how good of an idea that is price-wise these days. 

I figure that if I'm not playing the cards that I'm buying that I'm generally better off buying singles.  This does have the side benefit that when I have cards left over from decks changing, they are generally playable cards that people might want to trade for.

Re: Best Buy for High Value

I also started my trade stock with just cards I had collected over time - recently though, I started buying Collector's boxes - then I use any foils opened in there for trades for the non-foils from that set.  There's plenty of people looking for the hot new shiny, so this generally gets me better card return on my set wants then anything else.  I try to strike right after the sets are cracked as that's when the foil demand and price is highest.