This deck is incomplete. It is not listed in the decks section and does not count towards the total decks count. A complete WoW deck contains between 61 and 70 cards, and includes a hero card.

Main Deck - 61 cards, 21 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Illidan Stormrage Master Hero - Night Elf Demon Demonhunter Traitor Black Temple
Weapon (3)
2 Blade of Wizardry Weapon - Sword    Servants of The Betrayer
1 Netherbreath Spellblade Weapon - Dagger      Scourgewar
Ally (4)
4 Broderick Langforth Ally - Undead Mage Scourgewar
Ability (38)
4 Blizzard Ability - Frost   Blood of Gladiators
2 Brittilize Ability - Frost   Fields of Honor
3 Conjured Cinnamon Roll Ability - Arcane   Drums of War
4 Counterspell Instant Ability - Arcane   Heroes of Azeroth
2 Flickers from the Past Ability - Arcane   Hunt for Illidan
4 Mana Sapphire Ability - Arcane   Scourgewar
3 Mystic Denial Instant Ability - Arcane   Drums of War
4 Nether Fracture Instant Ability - Arcane   March of The Legion
2 Roaring Blaze Ability - Fire   Fields of Honor
3 Spell Suppression Ability - Arcane   Drums of War
4 The Taste of Arcana Instant Ability - Arcane   Blood of Gladiators
3 Tomb of Ice Ability - Traitor   Servants of The Betrayer
Quest (12)
2 A Question of Gluttony Quest Blood of Gladiators
4 For Great Honor Quest Fields of Honor
3 The Fel and the Furious Quest Hunt for Illidan
3 Wanton Warlord Quest Wrathgate
Location (3)
3 Silvermoon City Location - City Blood of Gladiators
Sideboard - 10 cards, 4 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Weapon (5)
2 The Bringer of Death Two - Handed Weapon - Staff     March of The Legion
3 Wub's Cursed Hexblade Weapon - Dagger     Fields of Honor
Item (2)
2 Seer's Signet Item       Hunt for Illidan
Ability (3)
3 The More, the Scarier Ability - Fire   Hunt for Illidan

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