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Canada - Quebec - Montreal
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Canada, United States, Netherlands
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I have been playing MtG since Revised, on and off over almost 20 years. Currently, I'm looking at building decks that Pro players have used in tournaments, therefore I've got a huge wishlist.

Trading principles:
- I will require that you send first if you have under 10 feedback
- I send my cards in sleeves inside top loaders, in paper envelopes unless the trade is above 75$ where I'll probably use bubble envelopes.
- I have tons of stuff in my wishlist, but I usually prefer to trade for higher value cards (meaning I don't want to trade one 20$ card for twenty 1$ cards)
- If you propose a down-trade, offer at least 10% more for the overall value; I will do the same for you
- If you propose a trade, the shipping charges should be at most 10% of the trade's value (e.g. 20$ trade = no more than 2$ shipping charges)
- If you're desperate for a card in my inventory and are willing to compensate for it, offer me a trade and I'll be happy to take a look.
- I don't do local trades

Trading restrictions:
- Canada: minimum 8$
- USA: minimum 12$
- International: minimum 25$
- Romania: no trading there, sorry, I lost packages shipping there, and tracking is prohibitively expensive in Canada

Inventory notes:
- Cards I mark as "Mint" are those that I've just opened from booster packs
- About 80% of my inventory is graded, however I always double-check before sending

Je parle aussi français.
Ich spreche auch Deutsch.
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Gravity Sphere
1 $24.29Add to Cart
Kami of the Crescent Moon
1 $17.39Add to Cart
Lantern of Insight
1 $15.79Add to Cart
Gilt-Leaf Palace
1 $13.79Add to Cart
Dimir Signet
1 $12.59Add to Cart
Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
1 $11.39Add to Cart
Promise of Bunrei
1 $11.29Add to Cart
Eye of Ugin
1 $9.69Add to Cart
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
1 $9.49Add to Cart
Sea's Claim
1 $8.79Add to Cart
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