This is a complete Modern deck.
Approximate deck value: $11.80.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (18)
1 Artifact Creature - Wall $0.13
2 Artifact Creature - Hound $0.10
1 Creature - Cleric $0.19
2 Artifact Creature - Cleric $0.10
2 Creature - Cat Knight $0.10
3 Artifact Creature - Soldier $0.10
1 Creature - Ogre $0.15
1 Creature - Angel $0.50
3 Artifact Creature - Cat $0.22
1 Artifact Creature - Gargoyle $0.14
1 Artifact Creature - Dragon $0.34
Instant (9)
1 Instant $0.78
1 Instant $0.15
1 Instant $1.48
1 Instant $0.13
1 Instant $0.40
2 Instant $0.20
2 Instant $0.15
Sorcery (2)
1 Sorcery $0.17
1 Sorcery $0.56
Artifact (5)
2 Artifact $0.10
1 Artifact $0.18
2 Artifact $0.10
Enchantment (2)
2 Enchantment - Aura $0.13
Land (24)
11 Basic Land - Mountain $0.16
13 Basic Land - Plains $0.14
# Name Type Cost 
There are no cards in the sideboard.
"Phyrexian mana" may be the most diabolical advance the Phyrexians have ever created, and this deck is filled with it. The red Phyrexian mana symbol is Red Phyrexian Mana, and you can pay for it by spending Red Mana or by paying 2 life. So, for example, you can cast Moltensteel Dragon, a mighty 4/4 flier, as early as turn four by spending Red Mana and 4 life. And you should! This deck rewards aggression. Pay life early and often, casting Porcelain Legionnaires for two mana, Slash Panthers for four mana, and Gut Shot for no mana at all! If you can afford the extra mana, go ahead and pay it, but never wait an entire turn to get your creatures on the table.

Commodity trading is a two-way street, of course. Though the deck freely gives up its own life, it has many ways to earn it back. Whitesun's Passage restores 5 life just like that! Kemba's Skyguard brings you a gift of 2 life when it shows up. And you can tap Pristine Talisman for both mana and life every turn.

You may want to add even more Rage Extractors to the deck—all those spells you cast that cost Phyrexian mana can cause it to deal a hefty chunk of damage! Other New Phyrexia cards worthy of consideration include Surgical Extraction, which can rip your opponent's deck apart, Tezzeret's Gambit, which draws you extra cards, and Phyrexian Metamorph, a versatile Shapeshifter. None of those cards are red or white, but that doesn't matter. All of them have Phyrexian mana in their costs, and you've got life to spare.
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