Cancelling Orders, Refunds and Returns

Last Modified: 10th March 2014

Canceling Orders and Refunds

Sellers agree to complete valid transactions, but on occasion, a seller may need to cancel a transaction. (This can happen because the seller does not have the card anymore, or they realize its condition was improperly marked by mistake, language was set wrong, or various other reasons).

If the seller is unable to complete a transaction, they must notify the buyer and cancel the transaction. If the buyer already submitted payment, the seller must issue a full refund. Sellers are encouraged to keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises.

Buyers are able to leave negative feedback for canceled purchases.

Refunds must be issued from paypal directly. Please check out this help page for more information.

Effects of cancellation

  • We will notify the buyer via email.
  • The cards in the order will be re-added to your inventory.
  • We will not collect Deckbox Market fees for refunded payments.


Sellers are not required to accept returns. The card market is dynamic and fluctuates a lot, so accepting returns opens doors to possible abusive behavior. There are however cases when the seller has to accept returns, as described below.

Mistaken orders - if the seller shipped the wrong cards, or a package with missing cards, the buyer should contact the seller and return the received cards (in the same condition they were sent). The seller can then resend the order or offer a full refund.

Mis-labeled cards, where the condition of the received card is clearly worse than the condition advertised by the seller. In this case, the seller will issue a partial refund, or ask the buyer to return the cards (in the same condition as sent) and issue a full refund after receiving them. This rule also applies to packages damaged in transit.