To provide card tooltips for your site users, add the following code anywhere in your HTML:
<script src=""></script>

Then all links on your pages to cards on will automatically get a nice tooltip like these (mouseover the links to see the tooltip): Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, Saltwater Snapjaw, Clan Moulder's Elite.


The Magic the Gathering plugin adds a button in the visual post editor. To use it, just select the text that represents a Magic the Gathering card name and click the button. The card name will be enclosed in [mtg_card][/mtg_card] tags. When viewing the post, the card name will show up as a link to the card's page on . Hovering over the link will show the card's image in a tooltip.

A similar tag can be used to quickly create deck listings: [mtg_deck][/mtg_deck] (or shortened as [d]). A deck listing should contain a list of cards and categories. All cards have a number before their name. All other lines are interpreted as category names. Do *not* include card numbers on the category name lines, they will automatically be computed and displayed by the plugin. A short example follows.

    [mtg_deck data-title="Really Small Deck"]
        2 Bloodbraid Elf
        4 Grizzly Bears

        4 Lightning Bolt

        4 Cultivate
The World of Warcraft plugin works the same, only the tag names use 'wow' instead of 'mtg'. Both plugins can be installed at the same time, and both are compatible with their previous versions as well.

Development of the Magic the Gathering plugin has moved to github. If you would like to go through the code and contribute, please see

You can download them from the wordpress plugin directory: Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft.

Joomla CMS

Deckbox has its own Joomla plugin, that works across all your CMS's pages, including posts in forum extensions such as Kuena.

The syntax for creating a card link is:

{mtg Lightning Bolt}
This also works for multiple-line card listings such as:
     2 Black Lotus
     2 Taiga

The plugin homepage is on github: Please check out the readme there as well for more information and examples. You can download the plugin as a zipfile directly at this url.

Forum plugins

The plugins all add a couple of tags that users can use when editing posts. If you use a [mtg][/mtg], [wow][/wow] or [whi][/whi] bbcode tag, the card name between then will be automatically turned into a tooltiped link (if you have many card names, each on a separate line, all of them will be turned into links).

Baneslayer Angel
[wow]Spectral Tiger[/wow]
[whi]Clan Moulder's Elite[/whi]
turns into Baneslayer Angel
Spectral Tiger
Clan Moulder's Elite


We have extensive tooltip support for all 3 games on PunBB, and we provide 2 plugins. First, a plugin providing 3 extra bbcodes, [mtg], [wow] and [whi]. The plugin is hosted on github. Please read the documentation provided there for more information on installation and usage.

The second plugin is an extended version of the official PunBB BBCode plugin. You can find more information on its github project page.


We have created a vBulletin plugin for Magic the Gathering that adds a [cards] tag and a mtg "cards" icon on the edit post page. You can see how the tooltips work on the forums. The plugin homepage is on github: You can download a zip with the xml plugin file directly at this url.


We have the custom bbcode tag [cards] for Magic the Gathering on IPBoard too. To install please follow the instuctions on the github project page:

PhpBB, MyBB, Invisionfree, Myfreeforum

PhpBB forums, as well as the free forum hosting services of and do not support full plugins or extensions, so we have to come up with some workarounds :). I have put together visual how-tos for enabling card tooltip links, and easy deck listings for each of them:


If you are using a different forum software and you want to include the tooltips, please send me an email at, I'll help you integrate it.