Communities tools

The communities feature provides tools that enable tournament organizers to better plan and announce events. As an organizer you can plan events ahead, invite users to join your community and set up automatic event reminders. We even have Google Maps integrated, so that your users know where to find your venue.

Players can communicate more easily using the dedicated community forum that we provide. They can also easily see what their friends are up to by looking at the Recent activity listings. Exciting upcoming features include standings for events - so that you can see who won, and with what deck, ability to comment and rate winning decks and much more!

An example

Here's a rundown of how this feature works, exemplified by the real-life case of our little MtG community in Cluj-Napoca.

Laura and Sergiu are responsible for planning and setting up our bi-weekly Magic the Gathering events. They create a new community here on deckbox, and fill in the name, a short description, and location information: GameFlux. There! Ready to invite some users!

Then, on the event page they create the upcoming events. Members can now - upon visiting an event's page - confirm their presence and see who else is coming. The upcoming events are also shown on the profile page of all community members, as well as on the profiles of users from the same city as the community.

Finally, as our community did not have a forum before, only a mailing list, we can set up a subforum here, where the members can discuss whatever Magic communities discuss smile

We hope that really soon the community admins will be able - upon an event's completion - to specify the top 8 standings and the winning decks, so people can see the winners and their decklists. Those decks will be rate-able, and commentable.

So what are you waiting for? If you're an organizer, start creating your community now! If you're a player, recommend deckbox to your TO, and start nagging him to create a community here!