Deckbox Trading Rules

Last Modified: 10th January 2024

The following rules apply to all mail trades made on deckbox. If you trade or on deckbox, it is very important that you read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for general rules and limitations of our service. The current document will only address issues specific to trading.

1. General

1.1 Multiple accounts. Do not create more than one account on deckbox. Even in case the Deckbox staff gives permission for a person to have multiple accounts, you are only allowed to use one of them for trading. (Sanctioned by banning.)

1.2 Inactivity and unresponsiveness. Once you accept a trade you have to be able to respond to the trading partner's questions and requests. If your input is required and you do not answer for more than 7 days, they will be allowed to open a Trade Dispute. (Sanctioned by negative feedback, regardless of how the Dispute is resolved)
If you are involved in a Dispute and you do not answer our admin staff for more than 7 days, you will be suspended from trading on deckbox. If - in addition - you have caused loss of money or cards, you will be marked as a scammer, and your trade partner will file for mail fraud.

2. Trade delivery

2.1 Trade confirmation. After the trade is accepted and addresses exchanged, the transaction is considered confirmed. The trade can be canceled only by agreement of both parties. If both parties do not agree and the trade gets canceled, the person who cancels will receive negative feedback.

2.2. Sending cards. The sender is responsible for getting the cards to the destination. They will be held accountable for items lost in the mail if a form of tracking was not used; proof of sending is not sufficient. Tracking should show the package delivered to the proper address.
If you as a sender do not have proof of delivery (or the package was wrongly addressed), resend your part of the deal, make monetary restitution or return the cards you received. Resending cards should always use a form of tracking, to avoid further disputes.
Failure to honor your part of the deal without reimbursement is sanctioned by being marked as a scammer, and your trade partner will file for mail fraud.
Additionally, in case of lost mail, the sender must open a formal case with the postal service (for USPS you can do so by calling 800-ask-usps) and provide a case number to the receiver (and to site administrators, if a dispute is open).

2.3 Card conditions. The sender has to make sure to accurately mark the condition of their cards, according to our grading guidelines. If the cards are in a different condition than promised the sender has to compensate for the difference in value. (Failure to compensate the other user will result in negative feedback or suspension from trading.)

2.4 Cards damaged in transit - when packages / cards are damaged in transit (by post office sorting machines, water damage, or other such causes), the sender is not held responsible. This is only true if the sender used proper packaging techniques, as described in our Card sending document.

3. Feedback score

3.1 Manipulating feedback score by any means (Fictional trades or users) is sanctioned by banning. Neutral Feedback does not affect a user's Percentile, and is to be used at a user's discretion.

3.2 Negative feedback may only be left for breaking rules in this document, our Terms & Conditions or for other legitimate reasons such as:

  • Rude, aggressive or uncivilized behavior
  • Exceptionally poor communication
  • Tardiness in shipping without notice
  • Insufficient protection of goods
  • Misrepresentation of goods
  • Lying about when cards were sent or received

4. Trade Disputes

4.1 A Trade Dispute should be opened when the trading rules have been broken and the problems cannot be resolved by mutual agreement between the trade partners.

4.2 The following deadlines must be met before filing a dispute:

  • for transactions in the US allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • 4 weeks to an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO)
  • for transactions to/from the United States to/from Canada, allocate 3 weeks for delivery
  • for transactions between European Union countries, allocate 3 weeks
  • for all other international transactions allocate 4 weeks for delivery

4.3 Abusing the dispute system. Users that open dispute cases just out of spite or just to try their hand at tricking us to remove negative feedback will be suspended. Always try to achieve a compromise with your trade partner first, before opening a dispute.

5. Banning, Suspensions and Scammers

5.1 Scamming: As stated in our Privacy Policy, in case you are found to be a scammer, the victims of your scamming will file for Mail Fraud against you. Please know that Mail Fraud is a Federal Crime, prosecuted under Federal Criminal Law.

5.2 Banning If your user is banned from deckbox you will not be able to log in to our website or forum again. Any other user you sign up using your name and address will also be automatically banned.

5.3 Trading Suspension When your user is suspended you are not allowed to open or perform new trades on deckbox. Your user profile and all trade pages will include a warning to our other users notifiying them of your suspension. Any further trading or interactions with our users outside of finishing ongoing trades will be sanctioned with a permanent ban. You are not allowed to open new accounts with your name and address on deckbox.

6. Additional rules

For international trades, the receiver should know their country's laws on imports, and is responsible for any fees incurred. Customs issues should be discussed beforehand in the trade chat to clear out potential misunderstandings.