Card Conditions

Deckbox distinguishes between 7 possible card conditions: Mint, Near Mint, Good (Lightly Played), Played, Heavily Played, Poor and Proxy.


Cards in Mint condition have absolutely no signs of usage or wear. It is also perfectly centered and has no printing imperfections.

Near Mint

A card in this condition is almost perfect. The wear, while not noticable, is present when one looks for it. The card may have one of the following issues, visible under close inspection: tiny edge nicks, very slight scratches, very slight clouding, very small printing flaws.

Good (Lightly Played)

This card, while still looking good, has been used. On top of the Near Mint issues the card can also have: slight edge wear, the middle and back might have slight scratches (but no whitening), minor clouding, minor scuffing, minor printing flaws, minor binder bending, minor indentations, mild border & corner whitening, mild discoloration, very slight border and shuffle creases (that are not extending further than the border of the card). Value is generally 70-90% of Near Mint / Mint.


This card has obviously been played, but not heavily. It lacks marks that would make it easily identifiable. It definitely has moderate scratches and/or less than perfect edges. It may have a minor crease that is only visible close up. It can have moderate bending, corner whitening, discoloration / fading, mild dirt buildup, very slight inking or very slight water damage. Value is generally 60-80% of Near Mint / Mint.

Heavily Played

This card is still intact, but just barely. Edges heavily worn, whitened interior, scratched, major whitening, major corner wear, massive shuffle creasing, bulk shuffle creasing, indentations and delaminations. Value is generally 40-70% of Near Mint / Mint.


A card in Poor condition has extreme creases, rips, stains and is generally in horrible shape. The only guarantee is that you can still tell what it is. Value is generally 0-50% of Near Mint / Mint.


A card marked Proxy will show a price value of 0 (that is also used when calculating collection and deck values).