Where do the card prices on Deckbox come from?

With the introduction of the Deckbox Market, we have started to build our own pricing information, based on what our users are selling. We have devised a formula based on multiple pricing sources that yields a reliable market average.

The main source of our prices and the data with the most weight are the prices that cards were sold at on the Deckbox Market during the last 30 days. Another important figure is an average of the prices for cards currently listed for sale on the Market.

In absence of these prices (or as a balancing factor) we are using a set of prices we fetch from amazon.com through their AWS apis, and another one from ebay listings in the US.

We are generating a set of prices daily based on the data mentioned above.

Values that raise question marks are being manually compared to other sources of price information on the web like Tcgplayer, SCG and others, to make sure errors in price calculation are caught quickly and dealt with.

We are also currently working with partners stores that wish to list cards on Deckbox for sale.

If you happen to find mis-priced cards, we would appreciate your feedback, simply click the Report Pricing Error link on the card page.