Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Deckbox Market?

It is a place for collectors and Magic players to buy and sell cards, with highly usable and intelligent market tools. It aims to complement the existing Deckbox functionality of inventory management, trading and deckbuilding. We attempt to build the easiest-to-use and most secure product for collecting, trading and selling cards.

Does that mean trading cards now costs money?

Not at all! We only collect a fee from card sellers. Trading is and always will be free on Deckbox. We still provide the tools for you to find trade partners, to set up, discuss and negotiate trades, leave and review feedbacks, and we will help you to moderate disputes and problems through our dispute system


What tools do you have that make shopping for cards easier here?

If you manage your wishlist on Deckbox, we are in a unique position to always suggest offers that make sense based on what you are searching for. We will implement tools that will help you wait for specific offers or price points on your favorite cards. It is also easy to evaluate buyers based on their feedback and how fast they shipped cards in the past.

Do I have any guarantees when I buy cards on the website?

We can guarantee that your money went directly to the seller, and that they have a verified PayPal account. We will provide you with an invoice for the payment, and assist you in opening a fraud case with PayPal should the seller be dishonest. We will contact and discuss with the seller in case of disputes. We will suspend and mark him publicly as a scammer should they cause loss of value to buyers. Please see our Terms and Conditions, Market Rules and Privacy Policy for more details.


Does the 6.9% include the PayPal fee?

No, PayPal also collects their fee when the buyer pays you for the order. For details, see the paypal page.

What tools do you provide for sellers?

We provide usable tradelist and price management tools, infrastructure for buyers to pay you directly to your paypal account, support for notifying buyers of shipment & tracking code. Most importantly, we will display the cards you sell directly to interested buyers, both on the card pages and on their profile. We are able to make insightful recommendations because buyers manage their wishlists on our site as well.

6.9%, isn't that rather high?

Our fee is lower than all other marketplaces (general ones like EBay, and also MtG related ones like TcgPlayer). We do not believe something lower than this could sustain long term development of a healthy marketplace platform.

What do my fees go towards?

Up until now we have developed & maintaied Deckbox for free for the last 6 years. This, however is not feasible long-term. Deckbox must become a self-sustaining business, in order to pay for hosting, support people, software developers, sysadmins and so forth. We want to have full time people devoted to bringing frequent platform updates, new tools for selling, buying, market analysis, and to provide fast and effective support for managing problems (such as scamming, trades going late or canceled, problematic buyers & sellers, etc).

Can you take the fees directly when I make a sale? Why do I need to worry about bills?

This is a general problem of marketplaces. EBay, Etsy and others all do the same because of how payment providers work. It is easy to issue a paypal payment directly from buyer to seller, much harder to issue a payment from the buyer that PayPal has to split between the seller and the marketplace. Also payment provider fees have a fixed and a variable cost e.g 3% + 0.30$). Our fee on a 15$ sale is 1$. Having to pay 3% + 0.30$ out of that as PayPal fees is not feasible, as much as PayPal would love to have a 35% fee on that transaction :)

Why do I have to pay a 10$ verification?

We need you to make this payment so we can verify the existence and status of your PayPal seller account, and to require a commitment from sellers. We want our buyers to trust the system, so we want to discourage people that would 'sort of like to sell cards'. We will be commited to this service, so we require our sellers to be as well. The 10$ verification payment will be returned to you as a discount on your first bill.

Do I have to sell the cards at the price I set even if the market price became lower overnight?

You have to sell at the price you had listed when the buyer pays for the order.

After I receive an order, can I discuss and negotiate with the buyer, same as with trades?

No, there is no "accept" stage for you as a seller. If a buyer sees what you have to sell and pays, you sold it. If you are away for a period of time, or otherwise unable to look at your prices and ship your received orders, please set your Vacation Mode to ON. That will prevent users from proposing trades or buying cards from you.

What happens if I do not pay my Deckbox Bill on time?

We will suspend your trading and selling privileges and mark your profile as being overdue.

What does setting the price to a % of the Market Price do?

It is a tool to mass update the prices for your cards. Please note that this is a one time operation. It only sets the prices when you use it. They will NOT be forever kept "in sync" with the market price. We might consider doing such a feature in the future but it is a tricky and dangerous option, and we are still thinking about it.

Other questions

Can I sell cards on deckbox without having a seller account and using the market system?

We do not support making or advertising sales on deckbox that do not use the Market System. We believe we have to offer a single, solid and intuitive Marketplace to our buyers and sellers, and our new Market system is just that.

If you do not wish to use the Market system, we understand, and you still can - of course - trade, build decks and manage your inventory on deckbox, but do not try to sell cards to other users on deckbox through unofficial means. (Sanctionable by account suspension)

This rule has been added on the 4th of May 2014. Sales initiated on the site before this date can still be finished. If you are reading this later and were not aware of this rule, do not worry, we will not suspend your account. Our administrators will warn users advertising sales on the forum, and we will post a notice on one-sided trade pages about this, to inform users about the change.