Sale rules and Seller Protection Program

Last Modified: 10th March 2014

Our Seller Protection Program aims to help sellers when buyers file reports, and ensures your seller account status will not be affected. Deckbox will help with moderating disputes and refund claims, so you can focus on efficiently selling cards.

To ensure you qualify for our protection program, you should comply with the rules and requirements listed in this document and our General Terms and Conditions.

For information on refunds, returns and canceling received orders (e.g. because you are unable to ship them), see our Refunds and Orders policy document.

Rules and Requirements

1. Inactivity and unresponsiveness Once you receive an order you have to be able to respond to the buyers' questions and requests. If your input is required and you do not answer for more than 7 days, they buyer will be allowed file for a return with Paypal and cancel their order. We will also suspend your deckbox account for both trading and selling cards. To avoid situations like these, please set Vacation Mode to on before going on holiday.

2. Accurately describe the condition, edition and language of the cards you are selling. For more expensive items be prepared to offer the buyer photographs in case the card is valuable and the condition is not Near Mint. See our grading guidelines for more details.

3. Ship your order within 7 calendar days from payment. Buyers will generally leave the best ratings when you ship within 1-2 working days. Strive for that and you will be a succesful seller. Accurately mark the order as "shipped" in our system when you send. Package the cards appropriately, to avoid damage in transit. We have more information in the How to Package and Send document.

4. Provide proof of delivery. For orders valued above $250 USD, use a trackable shipping method that provides signature confirmation at delivery. For large sum orders, consider purchasing insurance. If you do not ship an order with proof of delivery and the buyer does not receive the package, you should either re-send the package, or refund the payment.

5. Sale of counterfeit or proxy cards is not allowed, as per Wizards of the Coast legal requirements.

If you have any questions, or we have missed a case that you might be worried about, do not hesitate to contact support.