Shipping Costs

In the following we try to provide guidelines for shipping sizing.

General information

When shipping, please use Bubble Mailers, toploaders and tracking. Please read our guide to packaging cards. Bubble Envelopes can be obtained for as low as $0.10 (similar in E.U., around 0.10Eur) per piece when buying in bulk (packs of 100).

General weight information:

  • a top loader weighs 7.2g / 0.25oz
  • 3 cards in a penny sleeve weigh 5.8g / 0.21oz
  • a small bubble mailer (#000 US / Size 1 / A E.U.) weighs 8.5g (sized 4x8" / 10 x 17.5cm)
  • a medium bubble mailer (Size 3 / C E.U.) weighs 10g (12 x 17.5 cm)

With this in mind, using our packaging guide, you can fit a 10g envelope, 2 toploaders and 27 cards packed in groups of 3 in penny sleeves, and still come under the 3oz (85g). The envelope will be a bit thick, but 25 cards is a safe bet for 3oz.