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Main Deck - 50 cards, 26 distinct
Name  Race Type Cost Edition
Unit (27)
1 Clan Eshin Mutant Neutral Unit 6 Vessel of the Winds
3 Clan Rats Neutral Unit 2 The Skavenblight Threat
1 Greyseer Thanquol Neutral Unit 3 The Skavenblight Threat
3 Gutter Runners Neutral Unit 2 Tooth and Claw
2 Hellpit Abomination Neutral Unit 7 Hidden Kingdoms
3 Jezzail Team Neutral Unit 3 March of the Damned
2 Master Moulder Neutral Unit 3 Hidden Kingdoms
3 Night Runners Neutral Unit 2 The Burning of Derricksburg
6 Rat Swarm Neutral Unit 0 Hidden Kingdoms
2 Vicious Clanrat Neutral Unit 4 Chaos Moon
1 Warlock Engineer Neutral Unit 4 The Imperial Throne
Tactic (9)
1 Chittering Horde Neutral Tactic 1 Path of the Zealot
3 Death in the Shadows Neutral Tactic 1 Shield of the Gods
2 For Us the Bell Tolls Neutral Tactic 2 Realm of the Phoenix King
2 Vermintide Neutral Tactic 5 Hidden Kingdoms
1 Warpstone Experiments Neutral Tactic 1 Legends
Support (14)
3 Contested Village Neutral Support 1 Core Set
1 Fellblade Neutral Support 2 Warpstone Chronicles
1 Greyseer's Lair Neutral Support 4 Arcane Fire
2 Pure Warpstone Neutral Support 4 Fiery Dawn
1 Ratling Gun Neutral Support 2 City of Winter
1 Screaming Bell Neutral Support 3 Legends
1 Skryre District Neutral Support 2 Hidden Kingdoms
2 The Shattered Tower Neutral Support 3 Hidden Kingdoms
1 Warp Lightning Cannon Neutral Support 2 The Skavenblight Threat
1 Warpstone Excavation Neutral Support 0 Core Set
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

Warp Power (Intermediate) - Starting with little corrupted rat here and another one there, at some point this will convert into a sudden wave of big and ugly critters. The biggest challenge here, as with most pure Skaven decks, is surviving long enough to make that happen. Nevertheless, this one is usually fun to play, and cheating out Hellpit Abominations with a Vermintide or Master Moulder never fails to please.
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