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Type: Built Deck
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Modern
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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 26 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (14)
1 Bedlam Reveler
$4.80 Creature - Devil Horror
2 Ingenious Skaab
$0.32 Creature - Zombie Horror
2 Mercurial Geists
$0.21 Creature - Spirit
1 Niblis of Dusk
$0.18 Creature - Spirit
1 Niblis of Frost
$0.40 Creature - Spirit
1 Pyre Hound
$0.18 Creature - Elemental Hound
1 Sanguinary Mage
$0.18 Creature - Vampire Wizard
1 Silburlind Snapper
$0.18 Creature - Turtle
2 Thermo-Alchemist
$0.17 Creature - Human Shaman
2 Weaver of Lightning
$0.25 Creature - Human Shaman
Instant (8)
1 Convolute
$0.18 Instant
1 Dance with Devils
$0.23 Instant
3 Galvanic Bombardment
$0.37 Instant
2 Geistblast
$0.32 Instant
1 Turn Aside
$0.18 Instant
Sorcery (13)
1 Drag Under
$0.19 Sorcery
1 Incendiary Flow
$0.31 Sorcery
2 Make Mischief
$0.18 Sorcery
1 Pieces of the Puzzle
$0.26 Sorcery
1 Pore Over the Pages
$0.22 Sorcery
1 Reduce to Ashes
$0.17 Sorcery
1 Rise from the Tides
$0.19 Sorcery
2 Shreds of Sanity
$0.23 Sorcery
3 Take Inventory
$0.18 Sorcery
Land (25)
13 Island
N/A Basic Land - Island
12 Mountain
N/A Basic Land - Mountain
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

Knowledge can be dangerous, yielding arcane secrets that overwhelm the mind - but knowledge can also be a powerful weapon. You have explored the lore that others shy away from, and you have found within it the spells that will break your foes.


Instant and sorcery spells are the key to success with the "Dangerous Knowledge" deck. Early in the game, you should play creatures with prowess or other cards that reward you for casting spells. These cards will make the instants and sorceries you cast later on strong enough to disrupt and obliterate your opponents!

Prioritize casting creatures with abilities that trigger whenever you cast a spell, like Thermo-Alchemist, Niblis of Frost, and Pyre Hound. Once you've got a few of these on the battlefield, start casting spells to trigger their effects. Pieces of the Puzzle and Pore Over the Pages will keep your hand filled with instants and sorceries, while Shreds of Sanity allows you to recast your best ones. Many of those spells will bounce or burn opposing creatures, while counterspells will keep the opponent off balance. Rise from the Tides is your finisher, summoning a horde of Zombies to your side.

When you're ready to customize your deck, there are many options in Eldritch Moon booster packs. Curious Homunculus fuels your spellcasting by accelerating your mana. Create creature tokens by casting spells with Docent of Perfection, an evasive threat. You should also consider Nahiri's Wrath, a great removal spell that can blast multiple creatures out of your way while filling your graveyard for Rise from the Tides.
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Market deals
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