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Type: Built Deck
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Modern
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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 25 distinct
Name  Type Cost Edition Price
Color Rarity
Creature (29)
1 Bane of Bala Ged Creature - Eldrazi
3 Blinding Drone Creature - Eldrazi Drone
3 Cultivator Drone Creature - Eldrazi Drone
1 Deepfathom Skulker Creature - Eldrazi
2 Eldrazi Skyspawner Creature - Eldrazi Drone
1 Endless One Creature - Eldrazi
2 Gravity Negator Creature - Eldrazi Drone
2 Kozilek's Channeler Creature - Eldrazi
1 Kozilek's Pathfinder Creature - Eldrazi
3 Mist Intruder Creature - Eldrazi Drone
2 Murk Strider Creature - Eldrazi Processor
1 Prophet of Distortion Creature - Eldrazi Drone
1 Ruination Guide Creature - Eldrazi Drone
2 Salvage Drone Creature - Eldrazi Drone
1 Thought Harvester Creature - Eldrazi Drone
1 Tide Drifter Creature - Eldrazi Drone
2 Walker of the Wastes Creature - Eldrazi
Instant (5)
1 Adverse Conditions Instant
1 Scour from Existence Instant
2 Spatial Contortion Instant
1 Titan's Presence Instant
Land (26)
1 Blighted Cataract Land
1 Evolving Wilds Land
14 Island Basic Land - Island
10 Wastes Basic Land
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(
Scratchpad - 0 cards, 0 distinct
Cards in the scratchpad represent cards that you are considering for this deck, but are not actually in the built deck. They do not count towards the in built decks count shown in your inventory. If you are using the Auto Trade feature, they will be still be marked for trade although cards in your main deck and sideboard will not.
No cards here. :(


Join the Eldrazi broods and lay waste to Zendikar with the "Twisted Reality" deck. Many cards in this deck require colorless mana, and the ravaged lands of this plane - Wastes, a new basic land - will provide you with plenty. Some of your cards create Eldrazi Scions, giving you additional sources of colorless mana.

Try to preserve your Eldrazi Scions and their mana as long as you can, using your other small Eldrazi as an early defense. The mana boost from the Scions will let you start casting huge Eldrazi like Deepfathom Skulker and Endless One earlier in the game, and your Wastes will let you activate their abilities. Prioritize playing Wastes when you can to make Walker of the Wastes into a fearsome threat.

The Oath of the Gatewatch set has a lot to offer this deck, especially when it comes to colorless spells. Protect yourself with Void Shatter, a devoid counterspell. Dimensional Infiltrator is a solid flying creature that can be cast at instant speed to surprise your opponent. The strongest Eldrazi in the set is the legendary Kozilek, the Great Distortion. In addition to being huge, Kozilek lets you draw up to seven cards and can even counter opposing spells.
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