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Type: Deck Idea
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Standard
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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 17 distinct
Name  Type Cost Edition Price
Color Rarity
Instant (19)
4 Censor Instant
3 Hieroglyphic Illumination Instant
2 Negate Instant
3 Renewed Faith Instant
4 Ritual of Rejuvenation Instant
3 Settle the Wreckage Instant
Sorcery (6)
3 Approach of the Second Sun Sorcery
3 Fumigate Sorcery
Enchantment (10)
4 Cast Out Enchantment
4 Desert's Hold Enchantment - Aura
2 Search for Azcanta Legendary Enchantment
Land (25)
4 Glacial Fortress Land
4 Ipnu Rivulet Land - Desert
4 Irrigated Farmland Land - Plains Island
3 Island Basic Land - Island
8 Plains Basic Land - Plains
2 Scavenger Grounds Land - Desert
Sideboard - 16 cards, 12 distinct
Name  Type Cost Edition Price
Color Rarity
Creature (2)
2 Nezahal, Primal Tide Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur
Instant (6)
1 Essence Scatter Instant
1 Forsake the Worldly Instant
1 Jace's Defeat Instant
2 Negate Instant
1 Spell Pierce Instant
Sorcery (3)
1 Fumigate Sorcery
1 Hour of Devastation Sorcery
1 Hour of Revelation Sorcery
Artifact (3)
1 The Immortal Sun Legendary Artifact
2 Treasure Map Artifact
Enchantment (2)
2 Ixalan's Binding Enchantment

So, this deck will stay legal until rotation in fall in it's entirety. It will always exist with the Scarab God. Therefore, as it's consistent and doesn't really rely on the meta, it will be my Standard deck of choice until rotation. Dedicated combo decks in standard that are viable are super good, hard to get enough experience or sideboard against.

In G2 and G3 something is needed to add a second win con (I guess?). traditionally, it's three torrential gearhulk. It's not terrible, but we are not really a dedicated control deck, really just delaying long enough until we win, so TG is not devastating. It's also easily anticipated and countered, destroyed, removed. Kim Davis added green for Carnage Tyrant, but the manabase sucks. Nate Lisko says he has had success with Kefnet, but I think people are already packing more exile for scarab. I want to try out 2x Nazahal, 1 immortal sun instead. Nazahal is like carnage tyrant, but beats carnage tyrant. It's also a 3 turn clock, replaces fumigate fine, and the card draw still builds towards approach and generally what i want in the control matchups. I should have enough extra cards and them few enough removal to effectively use it's exile ability. I don't want three, so I thought immortal sun is interesting. It does everything I want in a control matchup, including shutting down walkers, a resource I'm not using. It accelerates my primary plan, and makes it easier to hold up effective counter magic. It also importantly taxes there disruption for noncreature permanents further. The one downside I anticipate is the decks using Abrade who keep it in to kill gearhulk (grixis energy).

Out of the spoiled cards for Dominaria, Teferi stands out as the best card by far for this deck. More card draw, a removal option, and the ultimate is insane n this deck with all the cycling and cantrips. I think I want to try a build that runs 2 of them. Other cards would potentially be the 2 mana exile flash enchantment, the grip of roil, and Urza's beam of destruction (or whatever) although the last requires a change in deckbuilding.
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Dark Ritual
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