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Each deck that I list here is my own home-brew design. At the time I designed any given deck, I owned all of the cards in it. However, in a small handful of cases (14) I can no longer construct the decks due to having traded or sold cards.

I do not, nor will I ever, copy others’ decks, publish incomplete decks, or list precons. That’s just my preference.

If you choose to copy one of my decks here, please drop me a note so I am aware, but know that I have no problem whatsoever with your listing mine on your page, so long as it is so marked.

Decks listed here are broken down into five star ratings, reflecting my general sense of how they feel during digital draw tests.

I have taken a look at the correlation between these star ratings and success, based on the idea that how much I enjoy draw test will generally correspond to success in play. This says that the 1-Star decks should average around 10%, the 2-Star average 30%, and so on. These two factors correlate better than 90% of the time for the more than 2700 games I have tracked.

I have built my own deck design and game tracking tool in FileMaker Pro. If you use FMP and would be interested in the database, I would be happy to send you a copy. You must be using version 12 or higher, and I do not support the .FM7 format any longer. If you are not using FMP but are a Mac user, I can compile an executable version of the database you can run under OS X 10.7 or higher.

TL;DR: I get stupid deep with my information about my cards and decks. Furthermore, I am willing to share some of my resources.
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